Gareth Wesley - The Everest Cricket Test World Record

Gareth Wesley is a 29 year old digital and interactive communications strategist. In 2009, Gareth and his teammates set a world record by playing a cricket match at an altitude over 5,000 meters on Mt. Everest.

“As I was preparing for the Test, I was also trying to overcome a bout of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I started working with Jacqueline Harvey in February and found it really valuable to have her help.A lot of our training ad been free training, running around in parks and such, but Crystal Clear Health really put me on a path to a more structured training.

The mental aspect was also really important. Jacqueline helped me to cope with organising something on such a massive scale.  There were a couple of times on the mountain that I used calming techniques Jacqueline taught us – breathing and getting perspective, bringing the rational thoughts back in. Reaffirming why you are there and focusing.

On the dietary front, Crystal Clear Health’s nutritional consultants analysed my diet and realised that I really wasn’t eating healthy enough. They identified that I was lactose intolerant so I was told not to drink milk – and they helped me get more fruit and vegetables into my diet.

Jacqueline has helped me to be much more balanced and I’m feeling really strong as a result.”

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